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Summer Bucket List

The Summer Holidays (capital S, capital H) are fast approaching as every parent will be only too well aware.  Endless days stretching out for weeks on end which needs filling. What to do?  Where to go (without remortgaging your house)?  How to avoid the centuries-old cry ‘I’m Bored’ and how long before you’re screaming at them to put down their (evil) Devices and Go Outside?  Sound familiar?  Well, delighted to say glamping and summer are a match made in heaven – rather like strawberries and cream, gin and tonic or Ant & Dec… hmm, make that Meghan & Harry.  So here goes with our Mad Dogs Summer Bucket List to help ease the load and remind you what Summer Holidays are made for:

Snuggle Up Together in a Charming Vintage Caravan     

Gertie Caravan with a Summer view

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