Summer Bucket List

The Summer Holidays (capital S, capital H) are fast approaching as every parent will be only too well aware.  Endless days stretching out for weeks on end which needs filling. What to do?  Where to go (without remortgaging your house)?  How to avoid the centuries-old cry ‘I’m Bored’ and how long before you’re screaming at them to put down their (evil) Devices and Go Outside?  Sound familiar?  Well, delighted to say glamping and summer are a match made in heaven – rather like strawberries and cream, gin and tonic or Ant & Dec… hmm, make that Meghan & Harry.  So here goes with our Mad Dogs Summer Bucket List to help ease the load and remind you what Summer Holidays are made for:

Snuggle Up Together in a Charming Vintage Caravan     

Gertie Caravan with a Summer view

Turn back time and step inside one of our beautifully restored vintage caravans from a bygone era.  Our vans can sleep from 2 to 5 people and larger families are more than welcome to pitch a tent for overflow or just to store kit.  Each van has its own personality and quirks: Rugged military chap Monty boasts his own private deck whilst Sybil includes a hammock bed, perfect for a child under the age of 10.   There’s also Gertie, the oldest of our gals who sleeps a family of 4 and feels a bit like a first class railway carriage from a Miss Marple novel, and curvy Elsie from the 50s with her own cocktail cabinet.

Gather Round a Real Campfire with Family and Friends this Summer   

Kids around the campfire

Our log circle and campfire is the beating heart of the Mad Dogs glamping experience.  Nothing beats stoking up the fire, gathering with friends and family and cracking open a bottle or can of something ice cold.  Fact – food tastes way better when cooked over apple wood or hand cut charcoal free from nasty chemicals.  Pick up some sausages from our on-site deli  (award-winning elderflower & pork are particularly delicious) and chuck them on the griddle but be sure to leave enough room for a toasted marshmallow or 3.

Experience the Bliss of A Hot Stone Massage in the Great Outdoors   

Massage in the outdoors

OK, we’re not going to lie…. our Glamp n Pamp offering comes from a position of pure selfishness. What would we most want when we go glamping and as busy working mothers the deafening answer was holistic pampering treatments on tap please.  So calling all Mums out there, have some #MeTime and be sure to book a rejuvenating, nurturing and deeply relaxing treatment while you’re staying with us.   Choose from a menu of treatments all administered in our beautiful lotus tent to the soundtrack of birdsong and nature. 

View the Beauty of the River Wye from a Canadian Canoe… or new for this year an SUP!!   

Paddle Boarding on the river Wye

We are located in the heart of the Wye Valley and just a short walk down a farm track to the River itself.  There is no better or more fun way to enjoy the river than by paddling down it.  This could be aboard a Canadian Canoe (fits a family of four with primary school aged kids), a kayak or, brand new for this year, atop a Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP).  Our friends at Inspire2Adventure have a number of SUPs including a giant model which takes up to seven so is perfect for larger families or families holidaying together.  I was lucky enough to try one out last week and can confirm it’s a real giggle.  Feel free to bring along a change of clothes… just in case.  

Watch the Sun Setting over the Black Mountains   

sunset over the Black Mountains

Can anything beat kicking back with a glass of something cold after a day of adventure out and about, watching the sun set over the Black Mountains in the distant? In this fast, materialistic, tech-driven world we live in, it’s easy to forget how much happiness the simple things can bring – cooking over a real campfire, building a den, watching the bats swoop at dusk, the sound of your kids laughing, running free and making new friends and the sun dipping over the Welsh hills beyond.

So this Summer we say it’s high time to get back to the things that matter, reconnect with nature and have yourself a large helping of old-fashioned fun.   Book your glamping break here and start ticking off our Summer Bucket List.    

Hope to See you Soon

Jo & Sacha xx


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